I finally got around to listening to the ideas put forward in White Fragility and I have not been able to escape the feeling that I'm being preached at/to by an evangelical Christian.

From what I can understand, the book basically starts off by forgiving all white people for being inherently racist - the same way that evangelicals preach that all people are inherently sinful but are (or can-be) forgiven through/by Jesus.

It goes on to describe the many ways/reasons that they must (continually and in a neverending way) earn that forgiveness by accepting their racist nature and engaging in…

The debate we all really want to see between Trump and Biden.

Calling it a clusterfuck is an understatement…

After watching as much of the first 2020 POTUS debate as I could handle, I couldn’t help but think about how much it resembled an out-of-control reality TV show and ways that it could be made MUCH more palatable and interesting.

Press to Talk with a Twist

Photo credit: Michael Grab (aka Gravity Glue)

I generally agree with the code of conduct when interacting with the outdoors that goes, “Take only pictures, leave only footprints.” It is the best policy to follow whenever interacting with any public outdoor space because public outdoor spaces are exactly that, public. People come to enjoy themselves and to interact with nature in as raw a form as possible. And by many accounts, encountering stone stacks can spoil that experience, not to mention that moving/removing stones from the spots that they’re found can damage the environment and disturb the local wildlife.

That said, I am a stacker and I…

What would Sun Tzu have to say about the call to defund the police?

The call to “defund the police” — popularized by the Black Lives Matter movement — is taking hold in some places in the US but it’s an uphill battle in many others. And I’ve noticed that it seems to be a battle that many/most Liberals who support the idea don’t/can’t seem to understand or grasp why it is so difficult.

The Art of War’s chapter on Terrain speaks of going, “only halfway towards victory,” because of three different scenarios having to do with ignorance of the various elements of a battle. …

With the Democratic primary looming, I think it’s important for Democrats, liberals, and progressives to understand what draws so many people to Donald Trump. Because unless that’s understood, there could easily (some would say likely) be a repeat of 2016.

Trump’s power and 2016

At the moment, if the Trump administration played it right, Trump could livestream himself assaulting someone in Time Square and many (if not most) of his supporters wouldn’t bat an eyelash. …

I’m just going to lay out how I think a comprehensive firearms licensing and registration system would work in America and let you be the judge. Nothing in it is set in stone but I don’t think it can be reasonably argued against (see the bottom for a rebuttal to some of the counter-arguments).

To the gun control advocate: Guns are a part of American culture. They’re not going to go away, period. This isn’t Europe. This isn’t China. This isn’t Australia. Advocating total gun control, abolishing guns or taking guns away from police is unrealistic at best and delusional…

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